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Dating Thai Women

Dating Thai Women – First Date Etiquette

When you’re preparing for dating Thai women, it’s only natural to be a little nervous and to find out what you should and shouldn’t do to make the date a success. Although most of the common sense first date tips apply when you’re dating a Thai woman, there are specific things that you need to be aware of that will totally jeopardise your first date. To help you prepare, we’ve shared four things you need to avoid on your first date with a Thai woman to ensure you have a chance of meeting for a second time!


Avoid PDAs

Even if you think things are going really well, don’t move in for a kiss on the first date, particularly if you’re in a public restaurant or bar. This is seen as a huge affront in Thai culture, and she won’t be impressed with how forward you are. When you’re going to date a Thai girl, be prepared to spend some good time getting to know her before you try and make things physical. The first date is not the time to go in for a PDA!


Avoid drinking excessively

It’s fairly common in western culture to share lots of alcoholic drinks on a first date. For many people, this is an excellent way to take the pressure of and to get to know one another freely. However, drinking alcohol is not viewed favourably in Thai culture, and if you spend the whole first date getting drunk, your date is not going to be impressed. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with ordering a beer or glass of wine with dinner.


Avoid talking about sex

Thai women are fairly conservative when compared to many western women. As such, they won’t be impressed if you talk to them about sex during your first date. To be honest, this is a faux pas in most cultures, but it’s especially inappropriate when dating a Thai woman. Considering all of the other potential topics of conversation, don’t be tempted to bring up anything related to sex, as you’re likely to make her feel uncomfortable.


Avoid slang and bad language

Remember the language barrier between you and your date. Unless you can speak fluent Thai (or another common language for that matter), your conversation will be in English. As such, be considerate with the language that you use, so she is able to understand what you’re saying. Stick to formal English where possible and be polite. Also, she won’t be impressed by expletives and other bad language, so leave them out altogether during your first date.


Your first date with a Thai woman is likely to be different from your experiences of dating western women. These tips will help you avoid making a bad first impression and will help you secure a second date! If you want to meet stunning Asian and Thai girls, then try www.asiandate.com.

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