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How Should You Date a Thai Girl?

If you’re hoping to date a Thai girl to begin a relationship with, chances are you might like to travel to Thailand to enjoy the country while trying to find the perfect date. If you’ve ever been to Thailand, you will know that almost every bar in a tourist-friendly area is full of beautiful women who are hoping to catch the attention of foreign men.

However, many of these so-called ‘bar girls’ aren’t looking for a relationship. They’re looking for your money. Whatever you do, when you visit Thailand to look for a girlfriend, don’t fall into the trap of falling for the advances of the first girl you see after a few beers. It’s not likely to end well. In this post, we share some tips about meeting a Thai girl with whom you can begin a relationship.


Don’t just head for the bars

In many Western cultures, people often meet their partners in bars or on nights out. But as has already been mentioned, if you rely on this approach in Thailand, the chances are that you are likely to hook up with a ‘bar girl’ or prostitute. If you want to meet a genuine Thai girl that you can date, interact with women in everyday settings, like in the supermarket or a café. Your chances of meeting a genuine girl are greatly improved if you avoid the dingy tourist bars.


Use a dating website

In Thailand, there are many dating websites that you can use to try and meet women. They work exactly the same way as they do in every other country, and they are an excellent way for you to try and get to know a woman before you ask her out. You could try a website like asiandate.com if you’re looking for a relationship, or Find Asian Dates for hints and tips on dating Asian girls.


Get to know some Thai people

It may sound obvious but getting to know Thai people when you arrive in the country is an excellent way of meeting a potential partner. You can use a popular site such as meetup.com to meet like-minded people in the city you’re visiting. You don’t need to look for a partner right away; you can simply develop relationships with locals, who may then introduce you to others. Making new friends is a great way to build organic relationships and perhaps meet a girl you might like to date.


Ask her on an appropriate date

Many Thai girls don’t drink, so it’s not a good idea to ask a girl out on a night out for your first date. You could play it safe and ask her out for a nice walk around the city, or perhaps for a casual lunch. If she brings along her sister or her friend, that’s a great sign, as it is part of Thai culture for women to be accompanied by a chaperone on a first date. If she does come with a friend, then you can consider it a positive sign, as it shows she’s interested in you and is excited about the possibility of a relationship.

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