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Long Distance Relationship with Asian Girlfriend

Long Distance Love – How to Flatter Your Asian Girlfriend

Long distance love can be challenging; there’s no getting away from it. There’s nothing worse than going to sleep on the other side of the world from your loved one, without knowing exactly when you’re going to see each other again. But if you’re in a long-distance relationship with an Asian girl, there are some pretty simple things you can do to show her how much you love her, which will strengthen your relationship and make the distance seem like less of a problem. Let’s dive in and look at four ways you can show your love in a long-distance relationship.


Send her something nice to wake up to

If you’re dating an Asian girl and you’re living away from her, the likelihood is that there will be a time difference. In some cases, you can use this to your advantage, by sending her a lovely voice message or short video that she will wake up to in the morning. Although you can’t be there in person, sending her a thoughtful and romantic message that she will receive first thing in the morning is an excellent way to show her that you’re thinking of her.


Show her how much she means to you on social media

Social media can be an excellent tool for people in long-distance relationships. In addition to the obvious benefits of direct messaging services, you can also post statuses and stories to reflect your feelings for your girlfriend. Particularly when you’re not together, such posts will show her that you’re really thinking of her and will remind her about the value of your relationship.


Arrange things through her friends and family

This is a particularly useful technique for birthdays and other special occasions. If you can’t be with your girlfriend in person, you can plan surprises and gifts for her through her friends and family. For instance, you will know where her favourite restaurant is in her city, so you might book a table for her and her best friend to go for dinner one night. You could also arrange a bottle of her favourite wine to be sent to the table, and even for her friend to take along some flowers with a little note from you. Despite your absence, she will undoubtedly feel appreciated and will love the surprise.


Send her surprise gifts

If your girlfriend lives in a country where gift-giving is a big part of the culture, you can utilise home delivery services and send her gifts that you have ordered online. It’s best to avoid getting the item delivered to your home first, and you should send it directly to her to save on costs. Many sites now offer you the chance to include a personalised note within the delivery, so you can let her know why you decided to send her a gift and sign it with love.

While long-distance relationships are tough going sometimes, you can get creative when it comes to gift-giving and make her feel special, even if she is on the other side of the world.


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