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Online Dating Red Flags

Online Dating Red Flags – What to Look Out For

Online dating can be great fun, but there are some online dating red flags that you should look out for. Online Asian dating apps are extremely popular, and the majority of interactions you have will be positive. However, from time to time, you will come across some users who have ulterior motives and aren’t interested in starting a relationship for the right reasons. To protect yourself from these situations, it’s helpful to look out for certain things that offer you a warning that things might not be heading in the right direction. Here are some common red flags to watch out for when chatting to someone online.


They ask you about your finances

 When you’re chatting to someone online, they shouldn’t be asking you about your financial situation. While it’s perfectly okay to enquire about your job, they shouldn’t ask about your salary, savings, or any other type of financial topic. Finances are personal and you shouldn’t feel obliged to share them with anyone. If the person keeps asking about your finances early on, it’s a sign that they’re probably only interested in money.


They’re constantly telling you how poor they are

This often goes hand in hand with the first point. If someone you’re chatting to online spends the majority of your conversations telling you how poor they are, they’re probably looking for your sympathy. This might be part of their attempt to get you to send them some money, so you should be wary if they’re constantly complaining about being poor.


They refuse to chat via video 

Many online dating platforms have video chat options these days. It’s actually a great idea to set up a video chat with a potential match before meeting in person. This allows you to become familiar with them and check that they really are who they say they are. If someone refuses to chat via video, they might be hiding something, or even pretending to be the person that you’re talking to. This is an immediate red flag and you should avoid meeting this user in person.


They give generic answers to your questions

You can easily tell if someone really is who they say they are. Their answers will be detailed and unique, and they will talk a lot about their friends and family. However, if the person you’re chatting to gives generic, unspecific answers to your questions, it could be a sign that they’ve created a persona. Alternatively, giving generic answers is an indication that they’re not overly interested in talking to you – another reason to end the conversation.


They seem too good to be true

Sometimes, things are just too good to be true, and you need to trust your gut instincts. Some users try and dupe people online by appearing to be their perfect match. They will give you the exact answers you want to hear to all of your questions, and will build their persona based upon your profile. If the person you’re speaking to seems to be too good to be true, ask them to chat via video and see if they really are who they say they are.


While online dating is fun and largely safe, you need to be aware of these red flags. They will ensure you can spot warning signs when they arise, and avoid spending time developing a relationship online that won’t lead anywhere in the future.

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