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Thai Women – How to Impress Them

In the early days of your relationship with Thai women, it’s important you keep trying to make her happy. The good thing for you is there are a number of ways you can impress her at the start of your relationship without breaking the bank. After all, dating can be expensive, as the onus often falls on the man to pay for meals and excursions, and it can get really expensive pretty quickly. Let’s look at five simple ways to impress Thai women at the start of your relationship.


Surprise her with pretty little gifts

We’re not talking about a brand-new Armani watch here. Thai women are known to appreciate the small things in life so you can impress her by treating her to little gifts that will make her smile. Pick up her favourite flowers or a tray of the chocolates she just loves, and she will be made up. Remember, it’s the thought that counts, and she will really appreciate any effort that you make to show her how much you care about her.


Offer to meet her friends

In Asian culture, friends are often regarded as family, so offering to meet her friends at the start of your relationship will undoubtedly impress her. Don’t be offended if she doesn’t take you up on the offer straight away though. Introducing you to her friends is a big step, and she might want to wait a little before introducing you to her nearest and dearest.


Don’t be too touchy in public

Most Thai women are conservative and don’t appreciate displays of affection in public. While you might get away with holding hands, excessive hugging and kissing is a big no-no. Respect her boundaries and save the touchy-feely stuff for behind closed doors. The last thing you want to do is upset her by being too forward in public.


Learn some Thai

Granted, Thai isn’t the easiest language to learn, but if you spend a bit of time learning some greetings and everyday words, she will be very impressed. It shows that you’re serious about the relationship and want to get to know her better. She will even be willing to help you improve your language skills, so don’t be afraid to practice talking to her in Thai during your dates.


Label your relationship

While it’s normal in western culture for men and women to develop casual relationships that last for months, or even years, the same isn’t true in Thailand. If you start dating a Thai girl and you hope it will go somewhere, you need to label it for what it is. While you don’t have to call her your girlfriend after the first date, being open with her about your expectations and hopes for the relationship will impress her and show her that you’re not afraid of commitment.


Thai women tend to be easy to get to know, and it doesn’t take grandiose, expensive gestures to impress them. Showing your affection in simple ways is just as effective as taking her on lavish shopping sprees, which gives you a great chance to make a lasting impression at the start of your relationship.

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