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Relationship Advice – Getting Over Your Ex

Getting over your ex can be one of the hardest things in life and sometimes we all need a little relationship advice. Whether you’ve been in a relationship for a long time or even if things have just recently started, ending a relationship with someone that you’ve been intimate with can be really tough to get over. Regardless of whether or not you think the breakup was for the best, you can spend hours sitting at home thinking about how things could have worked differently. We know the period after your breakup isn’t easy, so we want to share five things you can do to try and get over your ex.


Take a break from social media

Social media can be a tough time in the immediate aftermath of a breakup. Your friends will be posting about their relationships and experiences, and your ex and her friends will be posting about things that will bring up memories. Instead of searching for answers about why your relationship ended on Facebook or Instagram, think about taking a couple of weeks off your preferred platform for the sake of your mental health.


Have a clear out

There’s nothing worse than thinking you’re starting to get over your ex when you stumble across a reminder of her in your things. This could be some of her clothing, a picture, or a memento of time spent abroad together, and it can set you back and get you thinking about how great things once were. When you split from your partner, have a clear out of her stuff so you won’t stumble across them in the future.


Don’t contact them to check-in

After separating from your ex, the best way to move on is to go cold turkey. I know it can be tempting to check in and see how she’s doing, but you’re opening yourself up for more heartache. For instance, if she tells you she’s missing you, you might be tempted back into a relationship that didn’t work for you. If she says she’s moved on, you will question how she managed to find someone so quickly. Avoid getting in touch to save yourself more questions about your relationship ending.


Take a trip

Travelling abroad to get some space and experience new things is an excellent way of getting over your ex. I’m not talking about quitting your job and travelling for the rest of your life, but spending a week in a new city is an ideal way of freshening things up in life and taking your mind off your ex. When travelling, don’t be shy when meeting new people and trying new things, as it can be just the stimulant you’re looking for to get your life back on track.


Meet new people

Even though you might not feel ready to start a new relationship, you should try and put yourself in a position to meet new people. Whether it’s joining a new social group, online dating or attending networking events, putting yourself out in the public sphere and developing new connections is bound to make you feel better in the long run and hopefully meet someone else you can share your life with.


Although getting over your ex is undoubtedly challenging, being proactive and trying new things will help combat some of the sadness that you naturally feel and help you get back on track in life sooner rather than later.

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