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Asian Pickup Lines

Pick-Up Lines – What To Avoid with an Asian Date

Pick-up lines done well can work wonders. Done badly, they can cause offence and result in you getting a libation thrown in your face! In western culture, pick-up lines are part and parcel of the dating culture and even if they don’t work out, some women can appreciate the effort and have a laugh about it after. However, when it comes to dating Asian women, be careful not to use pick-up lines that cause offence or don’t translate into their culture well, as it might result in you missing out on the date you so desire! Let’s take a look at four pick-up lines you should definitely avoid.


What part of China are you from?

Although more of an icebreaker than an outright pick-up line, assuming that an Asian girl is from China, when she isn’t, is incredibly offensive. For many western men, they assume that just because a woman looks a certain way, she may well be from China. But even if you’re in China when trying to date an Asian woman, don’t just assume she’s from the country! Women from all over Asia live in China, so you’re better served asking her where she’s from, without making any presumptions.


Did you know I’m a black belt in karate?

Unless you are actually a black belt in karate, don’t tell a woman that you are! She’s probably lost count of the amount of times a western man has used a lazy stereotype to try and get her to talking. Although martial arts are popular in Asia, not all women are interested in men who perform them, so it’s best to stick to the truth when it comes to introducing yourself and your interests.


I’ve always wanted to date an Asian girl

Even though this is probably true, don’t ever lead with it. It sounds as if you’re just trying to tick a box and live out some weird fantasy that you’ve had about dating an Asian girl. It’s also reducing her to her racial characteristics and is really not as complimentary as it might have sounded in your head. If you really want to compliment her on where she is from, you could perhaps mention something you love about her culture, but whatever you do, don’t just tell her you want to date her because she’s Asian.


How long ‘till you offer me a selfie?

Again, it’s true that many Asian girls love taking selfies and uploading them to their social media sites, but it’s a little forward to assume that she will take a snap of herself with someone who she’s only just met. If you get talking to an Asian girl and you would like to have a photo with her, then just ask her, chances are she might like to capture the moment too!


Asian dating can be a tough gig, but often pick-up lines make it harder. Sometimes it’s better just to be yourself and speak your mind, particularly when you’re trying to date someone from a different country.

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