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Chinese Dating – Thinking of Moving To China?

If you’re moving to China for work, you might want to look into Chinese dating and find some ways of getting out into your new hometown and meeting people. Some of these connections will enable you to form friendships, and others will help you professionally. But you might also be looking for a special someone to share your life with, and if this is the case, it can be a little daunting if you’re moving to a new country and aren’t sure where to begin. In this post, we share four tips on how to meet women in China, and hopefully, develop a relationship with someone you can share your life with.


Join an Asian dating site

Internet dating is huge in China. Whichever province you move to, conduct some research into the most popular online dating websites and make sure you create yourself an account. As always when online dating, make sure your account is truthful and be clear about your boundaries and expectations. As a foreign man, you will likely get lots of interest, as Chinese women are inquisitive about dating men from other cultures. We recommend sites such as AsianDate.com for dating Asian women.


Get connected on Chinese social media

In China, many of the popular social media sites we use in the western world are banned. So be sure to sign up to popular Chinese platforms like WeChat and create yourself a profile. As your networks expand, you will develop more and more contacts, enabling you to slowly meet more people. If you don’t utilise Chinese dating and social media platforms, it will be hard for you to communicate with locals, and therefore difficult to meet new people.


Ask your colleagues to set you up

It’s one of the oldest forms of dating, but it’s a tried and tested way of meeting someone! If you’re new to a city and trying to get to know more people, you could ask one of your work colleagues to set you up with one of their friends. The beauty of being set up by someone you trust is that they’re not likely to pair you with someone they don’t think will be suitable for you, as it will look bad on them. If you don’t feel confident being set up right away, you could always ask to tag along with work colleagues on a night or meal out, to try and connect with some of their other friends.


Learn a bit of the language

Some knowledge of the local language, no matter how small, will go a long way in impressing your potential date. At the very least, you should learn some basic greetings in the local language and show that you’re willing to make an effort with her language and culture. In the beginning, making mistakes is absolutely fine, and will actually be a great topic of conversation throughout your date. Learning her language is the perfect way of showing that you’re serious about getting to know her.

Overall, moving to China for work can be a daunting prospect, particularly if you don’t know anyone before you arrive. That being said, if you try and be as outgoing as you can and are willing to meet new people, you stand a good chance of securing a date with a Chinese woman.

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