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Proposing Marriage

Proposing Marriage to Your Asian Girlfriend

First of all, congratulations on proposing marriage! Deciding who you want to spend the rest of your life with is a big decision and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s always best to spend time getting to know your girlfriend for a decent amount of time before proposing marriage, but there is no right or wrong amount of time before you should get married. Every person is different, so if it feels right, then go for it! But when it comes to proposing to your Asian girlfriend, there are several things you should consider. Let’s look at four of them now.


Seek her parents’ permission first

 In Asian culture, the role of your girlfriend’s parents in her life should not be overlooked. While they may not dictate who she can and can’t marry, they are likely to heavily influence her decision. If they don’t think you are right for their daughter, they will certainly let you know, and life might be difficult for you both from there on. If you approach her parents before asking her to marry you, it’s a sign of the respect that you have for them and is likely to stand you in good stead going forwards.


Make sure she’s ready for your proposal

 Although it’s nice to incorporate an element of surprise into your marriage proposal, you should first understand if she’s ready for marriage. All couples talk about the future, and you can tell from conversations you’ve had if your relationship is heading in the right direction. If you haven’t spoken about the future and aren’t aligned in your values, it’s probably not a good idea to surprise her with a proposal out of the blue. It’s a good idea to be on the same page with your goals for the future before proposing marriage.


Plan something memorable, but don’t go over the top

 Planning the perfect site for your engagement is very exciting. There are countless ways to propose to your Asian girlfriend, and you should definitely try and make it a special moment you will both remember forever. That being said, don’t try too hard and go over the top. Memorable doesn’t mean you have to be crazy, and often the simplest proposals can be the most special. When planning your proposal, think about her character and prepare something that she will be comfortable with.


Consider the advice of her closest friends

 If you’re not sure how she will react to your proposal, you could always speak to her closest friends before you propose to your girlfriend. While you shouldn’t necessarily ask her friends directly what they think she would say, you can get a good idea of her aspirations for the future by chatting with her friends and knowing her plans. Invite her friends out for coffee and a chat before you propose, and you will likely get a good insight into what she’s really thinking.

Proposing marriage to your Asian Date is an exciting time in your life, so make sure you and your girlfriend are ready for it. You should appreciate her culture and seek her parents’ permission first, to ensure you don’t cause any unrest within the family.

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