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Perfecting Your Profile: Why the Small Details Matter in Online Dating

As soon as you’ve signed up for online dating, it’s tempting to fill out your profile as quickly as possible so you can dive straight in and meet some potential suitors. But doing so is likely to undermine your long-term dating success. Here are some top tips to help you in perfecting your profile.

Be concise 

Your online dating profile isn’t an autobiography! While it’s important to cover some of the key aspects of your life, your matches don’t need to know where you went to school and about all of your childhood experiences. Instead, include information that is clear, concise, and relevant, and write in short sentences. You will have a chance to elaborate on your profile when you line up a first date.

Focus on what makes you unique 

The whole point of your online dating profile is to explain what makes you unique. Consider your values, interests, and passions and include things that will make you stand out. Filing your profile with generic information won’t be enough to get you noticed, so you need to make sure your profile is interesting and noteworthy.

Choose your pictures carefully 

You won’t be surprised to hear that the pictures that you choose for your online dating profile will define your success! Upload photos in which you’re smiling and doing something that you love. You might also consider having some photos taken professionally, as they can really help in perfecting your profile.

Use a grammar/spell checker 

If your profile is littered with grammatical and spelling mistakes, it’s not going to impress potential suitors. If you struggle with written English, run your profile through a spell checker before posting it online. This should only take a couple of minutes and will make your profile a lot more appealing.

Avoid negativity 

When you’re writing your profile, try and keep things positive and light-hearted throughout. You don’t want to come across as if you’re a negative person, so avoid phrases and sentences that read as if you’re complaining. Instead of focusing on traits you don’t like to see in a match, explain instead what you are looking for in the perfect person. This will help to keep your profile positive.

Explain why you’re here 

It might seem like an obvious thing to say, but explain to your potential suitors why you’re on the site in the first place. Are you looking for a long-term relationship? Are you keen on some casual dating? Articulating what you’re looking for and why you’re here in the first place will help you match with people who share your values and aspirations.

It’s impossible to understate just how important perfecting your profile is when it comes to online dating. After all, it’s your very identity, and it’s where potential matches will go to find out if you’re the right person for them. Make sure it’s fun, unique, and well written, and you will increase your chances of finding love online.


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