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first date with chinese woman

First date with a Chinese woman

How to Prepare for Your First Date with a Chinese Woman

Congratulations! You’ve set up a first date with a Chinese woman that you’ve liked for a while, and now the nerves are kicking in ahead of the first meeting. What do you need to know about your upcoming date to ensure it goes smoothly? And are there any ways in which you can impress her right out the gate? Here are some top tips to prepare you for your first date with a Chinese woman.

Casual dating is not really a thing in China 

If you’ve managed to secure a first date with a Chinese woman, it’s because she sees a potential future with you. While you don’t need to freak out and assume that you need to marry her, just be mindful that casual dating isn’t really a thing in China, and women agree to go out with men who they consider to be promising life partners.

Don’t expect things to get physical on the first date 

While sex on the first date might be in your mind, it’s not likely to happen. Chinese women are traditional and respectful and are unlikely to take things so quickly. Your first date will all be about getting to know one another, so be patient and don’t put her under pressure to move quickly. It will be a few dates before she will feel confident enough to take things to the next level.

Pick up a small gift to show your appreciation

Gift-giving is a big part of Chinese culture and will help you make a great first impression on your date. If you can, pick something red, as the colour signifies luck, joy, and happiness in Chinese culture. While inexpensive, you can’t underestimate the intrinsic value of a little red teddy bear or a couple of long-stemmed red roses on your first date.

Dress to impress

People understandably get nervous about what to wear on a first date. When you’re dating a Chinese woman, you need to dress to impress and ensure you’re smart. She won’t take kindly to you arriving for your first date in slacks or in your everyday t-shirt. Dress in a way that shows you’re taking the date seriously, and she will appreciate the effort that you’ve made. The first date with a Chinese woman is important, dress in a way that shows you’re interested.

Learn some basic Chinese phrases 

Does your date speak Mandarin or Cantonese? Learning how to say some basic phrases in her mother tongue will help set a positive atmosphere and show her that you really care about her. At the same time, recognise the fact that English isn’t her first language, so you need to take things slowly and don’t get upset about any miscommunications. The language barrier is an unavoidable aspect of dating someone from another country, so don’t let it be a problem in your relationship.

These five tips will help you prepare for your first date with a Chinese woman and will ensure that you make a great first impression, whatever you decide to do during your first meeting.


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