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Honesty in online dating

Is Honesty Really the Best Policy for Online Dating? 

Let’s be honest for a minute – who hasn’t been tempted to enhance their online dating profile with a slight exaggeration or embellishment? Whether you claim to be more experienced in your profession than you are, or perhaps you announce that you’ve travelled the world when you’ve never even left your country, each of these embellishments is an example of dishonesty. And regardless of what anyone tells you, dishonesty is never a good idea when dating online. Below are the reasons why you should stick to the truth when cultivating your dating profile.

You will get found out

If you’re hoping to develop any type of relationship with someone you meet online, your lies will eventually be discovered. While you might think a fabrication will be forgotten or might be enough to increase your chances of meeting someone, don’t forget that you’re betraying someone’s trust by lying to them as soon as you meet. This is unlikely to end well, so think carefully before weaving a lie into your  dating profile.

Trust is one of the most important elements of a relationship

For a relationship to be genuinely successful, it must be built on a strong foundation of trust and honesty. If you can’t trust your partner (and she can’t trust you), your relationship is doomed to fail. No matter how small or innocuous you believe a lie to be, it’s still a lie. You will find that as soon as she realizes that you’ve lied to her in order to secure a date, she will be less than happy and is likely to call off your relationship before it has even started.

Let her get to know who you 

Lying is a sign of insecurity. Instead of pretending to be someone else or making your life seem grander than it actually is, you’re not giving yourself any credit. Remember, life is all about being yourself, and you should be proud of who you are and what you’ve achieved. Lying on your  dating profile to try and impress someone is bad for your self-confidence and won’t stand you in good stead in the future.

Lying might attract the wrong type of match 

If your dating profile is filled with lies and embellishments, you risk attracting the wrong type of person to your profile. Remember, a match will get in touch with you on the basis of your lies and not on who you actually are. This is likely to result in you matching with someone who isn’t necessarily right for you, meaning your lies could end up backfiring. You should stick to telling the truth, even if it is only for your sake!

There’s no doubt that honesty is the best policy when it comes to online dating. Being dishonest and embellishing your life to try and impress someone online will only backfire in the long term, so focus on introducing your real self in the best possible way.


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