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Online Dating Strategy

Online Dating Strategy – Signs Your Winning

If you’re looking for love online, then it’s crucial to refine your online dating strategy. It’s perfectly normal to look for signs that things are going well and that your initial conversation could blossom into something special. While every online chat is unique, there are certain signs that offer insight into what she’s actually thinking.

To help you chart your online dating progress, here are five ‘green flags’ that indicate that your online dating strategy is working.


She initiates the conversation

There’s nothing more exciting than logging into your dating app to find new messages from someone you’re fond of. You get that rush of adrenaline and realise that she’s obviously thinking about you too.

Ultimately, if she wasn’t interested in speaking to you, she wouldn’t send you a message initiating the conversation. So, if you see a message from her, know that she’s keen to get to know more about you.


She sends long messages

We’ve all experienced a conversation with someone online before that has been one-sided and brief. Our questions are often met with one-word answers, and it’s clear that she’s not interested.

However, if your match engages in long conversations by sharing detailed messages, it’s a sign that the relationship is setting off on the right foot and that she’s willing to invest the time to get to know you better.


She asks about your future plans

In the early days of an online dating relationship, people tend to shy away from discussing the future. This is because the future is uncertain, and who knows what things will look like if you end up getting together.

Yet if she’s asking questions about what the future holds, it’s a good sign that she is considering whether or not you might be a part of it.


She shares personal details about her family

If your conversations are deep and meaningful, and you learn a great deal about her friends and family, it shows that she trusts you enough to share personal information.

If she’s not sure about you as a potential match, she will be much more reserved and won’t be willing to share personal details about the most important people in her life.


She hints about meeting up

While she might not ask you out explicitly, you might notice she’s dropping hints about what she likes to do and when she’s free. If you pick up on these hints, go ahead and ask her out!

At the end of the day, you’re both using an internet dating site to try and meet someone new. The worst she can say is no, and you simply move on and chat to someone else!


While people are constantly looking out for red flags when online dating, it’s equally as important to look out for green flags, these will help you take your potential relationship to the next level and prevent you from missing out on ideal dating opportunities when they arise.


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