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Chinese Girlfriend – Birthday Gift Ideas

If your Chinese girlfriend has a birthday that’s just around the corner, it’s important to impress her with a thoughtful and appropriate present. Gift giving is difficult enough at the best of times, but when you’re buying for someone you love, you need to get it right!

To help you out, we introduce you to five unique and meaningful gift ideas that would make the perfect gift for your Chinese girlfriend. If you really want to impress her, think about a gift combining one or more of the following items.


Anything made from silk

As you might be aware, the raising of silkworms and the extraction of silk is a big part of Chinese culture. As such, your Chinese girlfriend will consider silk to be somewhat of a luxury, and will be very grateful for a lovely pair of silk pyjamas or robes.


A hairpin

In the western world, you might scoff at the idea of buying your girlfriend something as simple as a hairpin. But in Chinese culture, it’s actually one of the most common gifts given by Chinese men to their partners. This is because in ancient Chinese culture, a hairpin consists of two pieces that should be split between lovers. It shows your dedication and attachment to one another.


Luxurious tea

Chinese people love drinking tea almost as much as British people. However, Chinese drinkers are more attracted to unique and interesting varietals and drink tea for its medicinal purposes. Spend a little time researching some of the most popular Chinese teas, and surprise her with a custom hamper of loose-leaf tea.


Anything made from porcelain

A bit like silk, porcelain is highly sought-after in Chinese culture. Pottery adorns temples and homes throughout China, so a thoughtful porcelain gift will really impress your Chinese girlfriend. Consider buying a porcelain item that combines white and blue colours, as these pieces tend to be signature in Chinese custom.


A red teddy bear

If you’re working to a tight budget, you might consider buying your Chinese girlfriend a red teddy bear. Cuddly toys are a common gift in China, and your girlfriend will be only too glad to accept one. If you can, personalise it with a special message that really shows your love for her. Also, red is the colour associate with prosperity and happiness in Chinese culture, so making sure your chosen bear is red will impress your girlfriend even further.


So, although deciding what to get you Chinese girlfriend for her birthday is a little daunting, it doesn’t have to cause you too much stress! Any of the above items will show that you care and are aware of her culture, so make sure you pick something that she will like and matches her personality!

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