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Impress Asian Women – 10 Simple Ways

With a little thought and consideration, there are many ways to impress Asian women. Online dating isn’t easy. But that doesn’t mean you have to try ridiculously complicated things to make it work. In fact, some of the best laid strategies for online dating begin by keeping things simple, and ensuring you make a good first impression when chatting online.

Here are ten simple ways to impress Asian women online.


Be polite

Don’t forget your manners when chatting to potential matches. Be kind, light-hearted, and considerate, and don’t cut her off. It’s amazing how far good manners will get you when dating online.


Lead with some humour

If you make her laugh, she will be keen to talk to you. While you don’t need to crack joke after joke, show her that you don’t take life too seriously, and you’re able to see the bright side of life.


Speak her language

Do you really want to impress an Asian woman online? Try and learn some basic phrases in her mother tongue. While she won’t expect you to maintain a conversation in her language, a little effort goes a long way!


Compliment her

If you like something in particular about her profile or even the way she looks, tell her! Everyone likes being complimented, so providing you keep it good natured, your compliment is likely to be well received.


Ask her questions

Be mindful that your conversation shouldn’t be one way! Ask her interesting, open questions about her life, and give her time to respond. It will give you a good chance to get to know her, and will indicate that you’re interested in her life.


Be confident – but not arrogant!

There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance, so try not to overstep the mark. Respond confidently to her questions and keep the conversation flowing, but try and avoid dismissive or nonchalant claims that paint you in a bad light.


Keep things neutral

In your early exchanges, try and keep the conversation as neutral as possible. Avoid controversial topics like religion and politics, as they’re too divisive. Focus on getting to know about her by asking about her friends, family, and interests. Deeper conversations will come at a later date.


Don’t talk about your ex

Regardless of what you might hear, it’s never a good idea to talk about your ex to someone you’re hoping to date! Doing so shows you’re insecure and that you haven’t fully moved on.


Be honest

Lying will get you nowhere when it comes to online dating. Asian women appreciate honesty, even if you think it paints you in a bad light. Although she might not realise straight away, your lies will quickly unravel, so don’t be tempted to feed her mistruths simply to try and impress her.


Ask her out!

Nothing will impress your match more than asking her out! Ultimately, that’s why your both dating online in the first place. It will show that you like her and that you’re confident enough to ask her out. Don’t be worried about the answer and just go for it! If she says no, you can try your luck with another match.

As you can see, Asian online dating doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, if you try and keep things as simple as possible, you’re likely to enjoy success. These ten simple steps will help you impress potential matches, and give you the best possible hope of meeting the Asian girl of your dreams.

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