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Online Dating Turn Offs

Online Dating Turn Offs to Avoid

Avoiding online dating turn offs is essential if you want to make progress. No one is saying that the art of online dating conversation is easy, but you need to do your best to keep things polite and above board. The way that you communicate with a match can just as easily put them off as impress them, so you need to get the balance right. Here are five classic online dating turn-offs that you need to avoid if you’re to be successful.


Communication overload

First things first, you need to give your match time to catch their breath. Don’t inundate them with a barrage of messages all at once. Also, if they take a little time to respond to each of your messages, that’s okay. Just because you’re online a lot, it doesn’t mean they are too. You need to be patient and considerate when communicating, and allow them to respond in their own time.


One-sided conversations

The whole point of a conversation online is to find out about the other person. If you spend the whole time telling them about your life, without asking any insightful questions, the conversation will get pretty tedious quickly. While it’s important to talk about yourself, make sure you reciprocate and ask your match questions about their life. Not doing so is a sign of arrogance and a real turn off.


Mind games

Nobody likes playing mind games when it comes to online dating. In fact, you can jeopardise a perfectly good chance of developing something special with someone, by simply letting things fall by the wayside as you play pointless mind games with them. You might be stubborn and want them to text you first, for instance. The best strategy when dating online is to wear your heart on your sleeve and be true to yourself. Mind games just confuse the situation and won’t help you secure the date that you desire.


Misguided humour

While humour can work to your advantage, it can also result in a massive fail. Poorly timed jokes and misguided humour can easily insult your match, so it’s not worth the risk in the early days of your conversation. By all means crank up the humour as you get to know one another, but a poorly timed joke or a brazen stereotypical comment can easily ruin your chances with someone who you really like.


Sexual innuendos

During the initial stages of your conversations, you shouldn’t be concerned with sexual innuendos. Even if they come off, they can be a little creepy, and are likely to give your match the wrong impression about your intentions. Keep your flirting light-hearted and playful, without resorting to anything overtly sexual. There’s always time to take your conversations to the next level at a later date.


One of the keys to online dating success if keeping things relatively simple. The more you confuse things when trying to get to know someone, the more you set yourself up to fail. If you keep things honest and maintain good intentions, you can thoroughly enjoy online dating and find the perfect person for you.

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