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Dating Filipina Girls

Dating Filipina Girls – Keeping Them Happy

When dating Filipina girls, just like any other girl, it’s important to keep her happy. During the first date, you’re often fuelled by adrenaline and excitement. Getting to know someone who you’re attracted to is an awesome proposition, and is one of life’s greatest pleasures. If things have gone well on your first date with a Filipina woman, the chances are that you’re ready to set up future dates and hope that your relationship develops into something permanent. With this in mind, here are four easy ways to keep your Filipina girlfriend happy after the first date.


Ask for her parent’s blessing

Traditionally in Filipina culture, a man must seek the blessing of a woman’s parents before asking her out. While certain traditions are undoubtedly left behind and outdated, it’s a sign of respect to ask your Filipina girlfriend’s parents for their permission to date their daughter. If you’re not actually in the country, you could always suggest meeting over Zoom or Skype. At the very least, your date will be extremely impressed that you’ve gone to the effort to seek approval from her parents.


Introduce her to your family

While you might not be ready to introduce your Filipina girlfriend to your family immediately after your first date, the sooner you do it, the more she will respect you and know that you’re serious. In the Philippines, as in many other Asian cultures, family is everything. Introducing your girlfriend to your family is an excellent way of strengthening your bond and making your intentions clear from the outset.


Don’t pressurise her into going too fast

The Philippines is more conservative that many western countries, particular in regard to liberal attitudes towards casual dating. While flings and short romances are perfectly normal in the western world, they’re somewhat frowned upon in Filipina culture, particularly amongst the older generation. Out of respect for her culture and family, your girlfriend will probably be happy to take things slow, so don’t put pressure on her to take things to the next level until she’s ready.


Give the gift of ‘pasalubong’

If you don’t live in the same country as your Filipina girlfriend, or if you’re often travelling for work or any other purpose, it’s customary to give her the gift of ‘pasalubong’ every time you reunite. It’s the Filipina term for souvenirs, and it most commonly comes in the form of food items that don’t spoil in a short space of time. Culturally, giving ‘pasalubong’ is a sign of respect, and it shows your girlfriend that you’ve been thinking about her, even when you weren’t together.


Dating Filipina girls is great fun and they make wonderful girlfriends. They’re open to dating foreign guys who show them love and attention. Should you be lucky enough to meet a Filipina girlfriend, be sure to treat her with respect and take things slowly after your first date, and you have every chance of developing a long term relationship.

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