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Long Distance Relationship

Long Distance Relationship – How to Communicate

If you’ve recently started a long distance relationship with your Asian girlfriend, the chances are that you’re looking for ways to communicate with one another. In the not-so-distant past, you would have relied on regular letters and the occasional phone call when your partner was overseas. Now, you can stay connected around the clock thanks to smartphones and unlimited data. Here are five ways to communicate with your Asian girlfriend when you’re in a long distance relationship.


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Video calls 

Thanks to tools like Skype and Zoom, it’s never been easier to communicate with people in different parts of the world. You can setup a call with your Asian girlfriend at a time that suits you both and speak to one another face to face. This is important in a long-distance relationship, as it reduces the worry of not being able to be physically with one another.


Instant messenger 

There are many instant messenger platforms that mean you don’t have to worry about texting or calling and running up huge bills on international calls. Providing you both have data on your smartphones, you can download a messenger app and communicate freely. WhatsApp is super popular in Europe but is not permitted in some Asian countries like China.


Love letters

Although letter writing is becoming more and more outdated, there’s nothing more romantic than handwriting a love letter to your Asian girlfriend and sending it through the post. International post for letters isn’t that expensive, and it’s a truly unique and exciting way of communicating with your partner. A letter is something that she will treasure and keep forever, so it’s definitely worth putting in the effort to send to her.


Social media 

It seems that everyone is on social media these days! And with so many platforms to choose from, it’s not really a surprise. Whether you’re on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media, you should connect with your Asian girlfriend and make use of the various tools that each platform provides to improve communication between users. You can share stories, communicate via ‘lives’ and upload pictures and videos of your time together. It’s an awesome way of feeling connected when you’re so far away from each other.


While long-distance relationships are undoubtedly challenging, these five methods of communicating make them a little more bearable, and ensure you’re able to keep in touch with the person you love, in spite of the physical distance between you.

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