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Asian Relationship – When to Say I Love You

Something that so many couples struggle with in the opening weeks and months of their Asian relationship is knowing when to say ‘I love you.’ It’s such a simple phrase, but it carries hugely significant meaning and can greatly affect the relationship between two people. If you say it too early, it can scare the other person off. If you don’t say it at all, the other person might feel underappreciated and might look elsewhere for another partner. The truth is, there’s no right or wrong time in a relationship to say ‘I love you,’ but these tips will help you know if the time is right for you and your partner.


You’ve passed the casual dating phase

There’s a time in every relationship where you move from dating casually to actually starting an exclusive relationship. This looks different to all couples, but it should be fairly obvious to you when it’s happened. Many people even have the conversation to confirm that they are, in fact, exclusive. When you and your partner are on the same page, it’s a good opportunity to declare your love and move the relationship up to the next level!


You’ve started staying with each other

Whether you have moved in together full time or have started spending the weekends at each other’s apartments, it’s a sign that your relationship has moved to the next level. As such, the time could be right to express your love for one another if you haven’t done so already. After all, would your partner really want to spend so much time with you if they didn’t love you or see a future in the relationship?


You’ve met her parents

It’s a good idea to meet her parents before telling your girlfriend that you love her. Why? Well, the success of your Asian relationship is likely to depend on how well you get on with her parents. Meeting her parents will also give you a better idea of her life as a whole and how she maintains her relationships, which will help you understand if the relationship will last going forward.


You can see yourselves with a family

Although you don’t have a crystal ball, if you can see yourself raising a family with your girlfriend, it’s a great sign that you are, in fact, in love with her. Sometimes in your mind, if the relationship doesn’t seem right, you will find yourself raising lots of questions about your future together and won’t have a clear picture of what’s in store. However, if you’re truly in love, the future is exciting, and you will feel like you can achieve anything as long as you’re together.


Telling your partner that you love them is undoubtedly challenging, and it’s something that lots of couples struggle with, particularly in the early weeks and months of a new relationship. Hopefully, these four tips will help you get the timing right when it comes to declaring your love for your Asian girlfriend and will help you plan a great future together!

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