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Asian Girlfriend – Make Sure Age Doesn’t Matter

If you’re in a new relationship with an Asian girlfriend that is younger than you, then you aren’t the first person! In Asia, it’s relatively common for younger Asian women to start relationships with older foreign men, so you shouldn’t get too caught up with the age difference. It’s really not uncommon for Asian women to date foreign men ten or fifteen years their senior. In this post, we give you five tips to help make sure that age doesn’t matter in your relationship with your Asian girlfriend.


1 – Don’t overthink it

It seems like an obvious place to begin, but you shouldn’t get too caught up in thinking about the age difference between yourself and your Asian girlfriend. The more attention you pay it, the more of a problem it will cause you. As long as you respect one another for who you are and are in love, then your relationship has a great chance of success, regardless of the age gap.


2 – Be aware of the differences in mindset 

Even if there are only ten years between you and your Asian girlfriend, be aware that you are likely to hold different societal outlooks and expectations. In the modern world, times are changing really quickly, and with the advent of technology like social media, life seems to move at break-neck speed. Be considerate that your girlfriend may embrace technology in a different way to you, which may affect her outlook on the world.


3 – Set clear boundaries 

This is vital in all relationships, but it is even more critical when there is a significant difference in age between you and your partner. Although you’re older, you should remember that it’s not your responsibility to help your girlfriend develop into the person you think she should be. As her partner, you should be open, supportive, and loving, and ensure you don’t overstep any boundaries that you set together.


4 – Don’t be too impulsive 

While impulsivity is an excellent asset for any relationship, being too impulsive can be off-putting. Don’t forget that you and your girlfriend are at different stages of your lives, and something that seems impulsive to you might be truly terrifying for her. Particularly with big decisions that may shape both of your lives, it’s much better to talk things through first before acting on impulse and making a drastic decision yourself.


5 – Be clear about your expectations 

If you’re older than your Asian girlfriend, you must be clear about your expectations at the start of your relationship. While things are likely to change over time, if you’re clear about what you want and are clear about how you can support your girlfriend, then things have the best chance of working out from the beginning. For example, if you know you don’t want to have children, you should make this clear from the outset before leading your girlfriend on and giving her false hope. It’s only fair in the long-run and is the right thing to do.

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