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Learn to Speak Asian

Learn to Speak Asian to Impress Your Girlfriend

If you really want to impress your Asian girlfriend, then learn to speak Asian! If you’ve started dating a woman from Asia, you’ll be aware that she probably speaks more than one language! Many countries in Asia have several national languages, and of course, many young women aspire to speak English so they can increase their opportunities in life. Whether your girlfriend speaks Thai, Mandarin, or Tamil, here are some tried and trusted ways that you can learn her language so you can communicate in her mother tongue.


Begin with the basics

In the early days of learning a new language, you have to begin with the basics. Head onto Amazon and order a dictionary in her language and also a beginner’s textbook if you can find one. Start by listing basic phrases, including how to introduce yourself, saying please and thank you, as well as some easy to remember grammar. When you’re confident you have the basics memorised, you can then look to increase your vocabulary and start to learn some of the language rules.


Find an online language teacher

In the present day, there are many platforms that you can use to learn a language online. An excellent place to begin is a site like Italki, where you can communicate with tutors and teachers from different parts of the world and set up some lessons for an affordable fee. The lessons take place at a time that is convenient for you, so you don’t need to worry about making time available that you don’t have. Through conversation practice online, you will be surprised at how quickly you’re able to pick up the language.


Practice with your girlfriend

When you understand the basic phrases and have some vocabulary under your belt, you can begin practising your new language skills with your girlfriend. Be sure to keep a notebook and pen handy when you’re talking to your girlfriend, so you can write down any new vocabulary or phrases that you pick up during your conversations. After a short time, you will notice your language skills improve significantly, and you will have the confidence to increase the scope of your conversations.


Look for a language partner

Practising with a language partner is the ideal way to boost your language skills. While you can find language partners online, you could also consider speaking to your girlfriend’s friends and family members and see if they would be interested in being your partner. Language partners tend to speak in two languages, so while you’re learning an Asian language, you could offer to help improve another person’s English. It’s an excellent way to hone your language skills and get to know someone new at the same time.


If you begin dating an Asian girlfriend, be sure to take steps to learn her mother tongue. If you learn to speak Asian, it will add value to your relationship, and she will certainly be grateful for the effort that you put in!

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