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Dating Culture – When Visiting Thailand

The dating culture with Thai women can be quite different to what you’re used to. Are you planning a trip to Thailand in the near future? Perhaps you have your heart set on going on a few dates while you explore Bangkok? Or maybe you want to share your experiences of the fascinating city of Chang Mai in the north with a local who you can really get to know? If you decide to date Thai women, you should know that dating customs are different in Thailand than in many parts of the western world. Here are four things you should be aware of before setting up your first Thai date.


Thai women tend to be shy, particularly in the company of foreign men

On your first few dates, Thai women tend to be shy and reserved. While this might make it a little difficult to get to know your date, you need to accept that it’s a part of their culture and treat them with respect. Try not to pressurise them into talking too much about themselves or doing things they feel uncomfortable with. After the first couple of dates, you will notice her coming out of her shell, and you will be able to truly get to know her.


Don’t expect things to move quickly

Dating in Thailand doesn’t necessarily move as quickly as it does in western countries. You will have to spend a decent amount of time getting to know your date before things progress to ‘the next level.’ Thai women consider their partners carefully and won’t be willing to start a relationship with just anybody. You will have to take your time and show that you’re serious about getting to know her before things can develop and flourish.


Avoid meeting women in bars

In many parts of the world, it’s common for romance to blossom after meeting someone in a bar after a few drinks. However, in Bangkok in particular, meeting Thai women in bars isn’t a good idea. Drinking alcohol isn’t something that is viewed positively in Thai society and the women that frequent bars often have an ulterior motive. If you’re serious about dating a genuine Thai woman who you can enjoy your time with, avoid meeting women in bars and think of a different way to set up your dates.


You might be joined by a chaperone

In Asian cultures, women are often accompanied by a chaperone on the first date. This is perfectly normal and something you should be prepared for. Even if you’re just meeting for coffee or going for a walk around the city, your date might be joined with her sister or cousin, who will act as her chaperone for the duration of your time together. While this might strike you as weird, it’s important you respect this and treat it as a normal part of getting to know your new date.


Dating Thai women is extremely rewarding and something that you will enjoy immensely if you take the time to get to know Thai women. It’s just important that you realise that Thai dating culture is different from dating in the western world, so be prepared for these differences before your first date.

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