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Ask Asian Girl on a Date Online

How to Ask an Asian Girl on a Date Online

Looking to ask an Asian girl on a date online? We have some great advice! When you’ve started to receive some responses from potential matches, it’s an exciting time. And as you feel that the messages are getting a little flirty, you’re probably wondering if the time is right to ask her out on an actual date? The thing is, there are so many ways that you can ask someone out online that you can confuse and distract yourself from doing so. And by that time, it’s too late; she’s moved onto someone else. Let’s look at how to ask an Asian girl on a date online.


Don’t wait too long

Research suggests that the ideal time to ask someone out can be after just three message exchanges. Does that seem a little quick to you? Well, the reasoning is that the quicker you can set up a date, the less time you spend with pointless back and forth chat. You don’t have to propose a candlelit dinner, either. A virtual coffee is the perfect way to get things started and will give you a feel for the person without committing to anything too taxing.


Avoid one-liners and pick up lines

One-liners might work once in a while, but most women are sick to death of hearing them. You should also be mindful that corny one-liners can get lost in translation, and your potential Asian match might have no idea what you’re trying to say. It’s better to stick to being traditional when trying to set up a date with an Asian woman online, as opposed to trying to be too clever.


Be flexible

Landing the first date can be difficult for a number of reasons, so you will have to be as flexible and open-minded as possible. Depending on her location, for instance, you might have to be willing to schedule an online first date as opposed to an in-person meeting. Lots of women prefer meeting up online first anyway, as it gives them confidence and allows them to get to know you a little before agreeing to meet up in person. The key is not to be insistent when it comes to a first date and be as flexible as possible when it comes to making plans.


Offer her a genuine compliment

Everyone loves receiving compliments, particularly when they’re genuine. If you see something on her profile that you particularly like or that matches your personality perfectly, be sure to tell her all about it! You could try something like, “I was struck by how well you present yourself; it shows that you have great taste and must have had an incredible upbringing.” Offering such a compliment and following it up with a suggestion of a first date can be a really powerful way of moving your relationship to the next level.


Asking an Asian girl out online is by no means easy, but you need to try and get the timing right. Even if you propose a virtual first date, it’s a great way to move things along at a quick pace before burning things out via messenger.

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