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Dinner Date – How to Impress Your Asian Girlfriend

One of the most common dating ideas is taking your Asian girlfriend on a dinner date. But if you do it regularly, it can become a little repetitive, and even if you enjoy the experience, it can feel like you’re just doing the same thing over and over. So, to keep things interesting, consider doing these five things to make your dinner date extra special.


Pre-order her favourite meal and drinks

If you know what your Asian girlfriend loves to eat, pre-order your meal, so it arrives without her even having to look at the menu. You could also accompany it with her favourite bottle of wine or cocktail, to prove that you do pay attention and know exactly what makes her happy!


Decorate the table with her favourite flowers

If you know your girlfriend loves white roses, head to the restaurant an hour or so before and ask the staff to put the flowers that you’ve brought with you on the table. She will be thrilled to see them in the centre of the table and will be so impressed that you’ve gone to the extra effort to make her feel special.


Have a gift sent to the table

An hour or so into your date, arrange for a special gift to be sent to the table. Even if it’s not her birthday or a particularly special occasion, you don’t need an excuse to treat your girlfriend to something extra special. So long as you arrange with the staff in advance, having a gift sent over during the meal is super romantic and something that will undoubtedly impress your girlfriend.


Book a hotel room for the night

Instead of dining out and heading straight home, book a night in a city hotel for you and your girlfriend, so you can enjoy an extra-special night out. Perhaps there’s a hotel in your city that you’ve always been meaning to stay at, or maybe you’ve decided to head out of town for a special meal out. Whatever your motivation, a night in a fancy hotel is extremely appealing, and she will be super grateful for your effort.


End with a moonlit walk

Providing the weather’s suitable, head to the waterfront or a nearby beauty spot and enjoy a moonlit walk before retiring to bed. It’s a great way to walk off the food that you’ve just eaten, but it’s also extremely romantic. Holding hands down by the waterfront and talking the night away is a wonderful way to end a romantic meal out with your girlfriend.


As you can see, it doesn’t take a great deal of forethought or planning to make a dinner date with your Asian girlfriend extra special. While you don’t have to go the extra mile every time you go out for a meal, treating her once in a while will show that you care and will undoubtedly impress your girlfriend. If you’re looking for an online Asian girlfriend, then why not try AsianDate.com where your options are endless!




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