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relationship coming to an end

When your relationship is coming to an end

Common Signs That Your Relationship is Coming to an End

Unfortunately, not every relationship we enter into in life is meant to be. No matter how much we try and love the other person, things don’t always go to plan. And instead of calling things off when the relationship isn’t going well, some people stay together and remain unhappy, which doesn’t do either party any good. To help you recognise when your relationship is coming to an end, here are some common signs to look out for that may indicate that it’s time to call it a day.

Conversation is hard to come by 

In the early days of your relationship, you probably spoke for hours on end, laughing at one another’s jokes and wishing you were able to spend every second of the day together. But recently, you’ve noticed that conversation is a lot harder to come by, and you struggle to connect and discuss a range of issues. The conversation drying up is a sign that your relationship is coming to an end and has lost its spark.

You’re no longer physical with one another 

Sex is a wonderful part of any relationship, and it encourages intimacy and love between you and your partner. It’s a good idea to discuss sex with your partner if things have dried up recently, as there could be a number of reasons why you’re no longer intimate with each other. That being said, if you’re no longer physical with one another and aren’t motivated to make love, it shows that you’re ready to move on.

Everything she does frustrates you 

While we all get frustrated with our partners once in a while, it’s abnormal to get frustrated with every little thing she does. If you’re constantly biting your tongue or getting annoyed by what she says and does, it breeds unhappiness and resentment in your relationship, which is a very bad sign for the future. Picking flaws in her personality is a sign that your relationship is coming to an end.

Date nights no longer excite you

Going on dates tends to be one of the most exciting aspects of any budding relationship. Whether it’s a simple Netflix and chill or a fancy meal out, people in love make the time and effort to do things together. Couples who are heading for separation lose the motivation to make an effort with each other and tend to just co-exist, as opposed to enjoying each other’s company.

You start thinking about seeing other people 

Perhaps the single biggest indicator that it might be time to move on is if you start thinking about seeing other people. Imagining your future with someone other than your current partner is a significant thing and indicates that you’re no longer happy with your current partner. You owe it to yourself, as well as your girlfriend, to end things before you look to move on with someone else.

While most people fully commit to their relationships and do everything they can to make them work, they don’t always have a happy ending. Recognising these signs will help you bring things to an end before you become too unhappy and will enable you and your partner to move on with your lives.



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