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Ways to bring a spark to your long-distance relationship

Seven Ways to Bring a Spark to Your Long-Distance Relationship

Many guys who start dating Asian women have to get used to long-distance relationships, at least in the early days. If you’re on the other of the world to your girlfriend, it’s important that you find a variety of ways to keep your romance exciting, and don’t fall into the trap of stagnating. Here are seven ways to bring a spark to your long-distance relationship, so your love can continue blossoming even when you’re not together.

Netflix and chill

 Agree to a time and stream your favourite Netflix show while chilling out with your partner. Although you can’t snuggle, be sure to keep in touch via messenger so you can discuss the best bits of your favourite shows.

Surprise deliveries

 Amazon and other online marketplaces have made it exceptionally easy to order and deliver gifts to people all over the world. So, surprise your Asian girlfriend with something extra special that you know she will like, to brighten up her day.

Experiment with apps

 Whether you’re on Android or Apple, you can download a range of couples apps that make it easier to socialise with your partner when you’re not together. The appropriately named The Couple App, is a great place to start, and it’s packed with romantic features and games that will keep you connected.

Become pen pals

 Few things are more romantic than writing love letters to your partner. Get your feelings down on paper and seal it with a kiss. You can share your hopes and dreams for your future together, and you should keep the letters safe. It will be wonderful to read them in the future and see how things turned out!

Plan your next meet up

 Just because you’re not together right now, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing to look forward to. Put together a plan of what you will do when you meet up in real life, whether it’s a single date or a vacation, and you will both have something to put in the diary and look forward to. Asian women love someone who can make plans way ahead of time.

Get your virtual gaming on!

 There are so many ways you can play virtual, online games with your partner, be it on a console or via your smartphone. Pick a game that you both like and add a bit of competition to your relationship. It can be a super fun way of connecting while having fun at the same time.

Plan a surprise visit

 One of the most exciting things you can do in a long-distance relationship is to plan a surprise visit. Find out what your girlfriend’s schedule is and hop on a flight to surprise her. She will be thrilled that you’ve made the effort to see her, and there’s no better way of keeping the spark alive than being sporadic.

While long-distance relationships can be tough, they’re also incredibly rewarding. Hopefully, in these ways to bring a spark to your long- distance relationship , it will help you build a life together with your Asian girlfriend.

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