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Being ghosted- tell-tale signs

Are You Being Ghosted? Six Tell-Tale Signs

 In the digital world, being ghosted is something that has become increasingly popular in recent times. If you’re not familiar with the term, ghosting occurs when someone is speaking to you regularly, only to seemingly disappear from the face of the earth without any warning.

In the world of online dating in particular, ghosting is relatively common. And while being ghosted sometimes happens out of the blue, other times there are some warning signs, and we introduce six of them below.

You always message her first

 While always messaging your match first isn’t necessarily a sign that you’re being ghosted, it’s normally the first step. If she’s showing very little interest in speaking to you all of a sudden, it might be indicative of the fact that she’s preparing to terminate your relationship.

She’s never available to talk or meet up

 If your online match is suddenly never available to talk on the phone or meet up in person, it could be a sign that she’s no longer into you. Unfortunately, she might not have given you any reason for her sudden change of heart, which makes it all the more difficult to deal with.

Your messages go unanswered for long periods of time

 Perhaps the clearest sign that you’re being ghosted is that your sent messages sit in her inbox without reply for long periods of time. And even when she does touch base and get back in touch with you, it’s typically a short, unpleasant message that shows she’s not really that interested.

Her tone has changed

 A more subtle way of considering whether you’re about to be ghosted is if you can perceive any changes in her tone when she’s communicating with you. When a relationship is coming to an end, her messages are likely to be short and abrupt, compared to the long, excitable messages she sent you at the start of your time together.

She doesn’t turn up to dates

 If your girlfriend is about to ghost you, she has probably ditched you on more than one occasion. Frustratingly, she has probably provided you with various excuses about why she didn’t turn up to your dates, but soon enough, she might just stop agreeing to them altogether.

 She’s blocked you on social media

 Finally, if you had previously connected to your match on social media, the fact that she has now blocked you is a definite sign that things are coming to an end. While it’s hard to take, accepting the fact and moving on is the best way to deal with the disappointment, without giving yourself too much of a hard time.

Being ghosted sucks, there’s no getting away from it. But identifying these six tell-tale signs is a great way to prepare yourself for the worst, and even to end the relationship on your terms.


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