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spotting time wasters when online dating

Spotting a time waster when online dating

How to Spot a Time Waster When Online Dating

Unfortunately, not everyone you meet online is in it for the right reasons. Some people are there just to waste your time and will string you along before moving on to the next person. To save yourself some time and to ensure you don’t fall into a time waster’s trap, here are some ways that can help in spotting a time waster when online dating.

They keep asking the same questions 

While someone might ask the same question a couple of times by mistake, if you find that your match is asking the same things over and over again, it becomes extremely frustrating. This happens when someone is operating a fake profile or if they’re just moving from person to person without really investing in the conversation.

They ask you for money

There’s no reason why a person you’ve just met online should ask you for money. Regardless of the reasons they give, don’t under any circumstances transfer them your hard-earned cash! Some people use online dating sites as an opportunity to exploit well-meaning users, so block anyone that asks you for money and move on to the next conversation. This is one way of spotting a time waster when online dating.

Their answers are generic 

If you’ve been chatting to someone for a while and feel like you don’t know anything unique about them, it might be because they’re giving generic answers to all of your questions. This is another example of someone just stringing you along for whatever reason and is something that you shouldn’t waste your time with. You want to feel like you’re really getting to know someone to see if the relationship has a chance of success in the long run.

They aren’t willing to take the next steps 

While messaging back and forth online is fun, for a relationship to develop, you need to meet someone who is willing to take the next steps. Whether it’s a video chat online or a face-to-face meeting, if your match keeps putting it off despite being into you, it’s a sign that all is not as it seems. If you’re making no progress, call it off and move on to someone else.

Their profiles are a carbon copy of other users 

You might come to notice that several users have similar (or in some cases identical) profiles that have clearly been copied from one another. Again, this is a sign that the person isn’t necessarily who they say they are and are likely to waste your time if you get into a conversation with them.

While the majority of users on online dating sites are there for the right reasons, some are potentially looking to exploit well-meaning people looking for love. By using the signs that we’ve introduced above, you will start spotting time wasters when online dating.



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