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Online Dating Match

Online Dating Match – How to Know When It’s Right

Finding the perfect online dating match can be tricky, but we may have the answers you need. Getting matched to an attractive stranger online is an awesome feeling. The conversations that follow tend to be exciting and lots of fun, and give you the hope that this might finally be the relationship that you’ve been looking for. But how do you know if your online dating match is actually right for you, and you’re not just getting carried away by your emotions? Let’s take a look now.


You share values

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when you’re matched to a stranger online, is whether their values are aligned with yours. Values are so much more important than interests when finding the perfect partner, as you need to agree on how best to live your lives together. Values are things that you truly care about, and that motivate you every day. They’re things like family, learning, and discovery as opposed to your favourite sports team or what you like to do at the weekend. If your values align with your match, it’s an excellent sign that you could be right for each other.


Your initial conversations run deep

In the early exchanges of online dating conversations, people tend to get stuck on surface level conversations. These tend to be ice-breaking chats that don’t have a great deal of sustenance, but are also important to get to know one another. However, if you’ve found that you and your match have connected on a deeper level from the word go, it’s a clear sign that a relationship would work well and is evidence that you truly ‘get one another.’


You’re able to imagine your future together

While you might think this is a bit too much in the early days of an online relationship, it’s important that you can actually see a future with the person you’re speaking to. After all, if you can’t see things working out, there’s very little point in wasting her time. You might have started daydreaming about what it would be like to relocate to her country, or maybe you’re picturing a dream holiday where you spend a few weeks together in each other’s company. However you picture your potential future, it’s an excellent sign if you can see it together with your new match.


Your gut instinct tells you it’s right

For reasons that we can’t usually explain, our gut instincts kick in just as we’re about to make a big decision. No matter what the decision is about, it’s always a good idea to trust what your gut tells you. And this is absolutely the case when you’re matched to a stranger. Even though you might not be able to understand why, you might have reservations about the person you’ve been chatting to. And more often than not, your gut instincts are right. They protect you from difficult situations and ensure you make the right decision, so don’t ignore your gut if it tells you to steer clear of a particular match.


Hopefully, you have found someone that you’re extremely excited about being matched with online and your relationship is starting to blossom. These four tips will help you understand if the relationship is right for you, or whether you may need to continue looking for that special someone.

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