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Four Questions That WILL Upset Your Asian Girlfriend

If there’s one thing you should keep in mind, it’s that you should never upset your Asian girlfriend. If you’ve just started dating an Asian woman, the chances are that you’re spending a lot of time getting to know one another. The early days of any blossoming relationship are super exciting, as you get to know all about your new partner’s life. But when you’re dating someone from another country entirely, you need to tread extra carefully to make sure you don’t cause any offence. Here are four questions that you absolutely must not ask, so as not to upset your Asian girlfriend when you’re getting to know her.


Which part of China are you from?

Okay, so if you’ve started a relationship with a woman online, you probably know where she’s from by this stage. But hear us out. In the early stages of your relationship, don’t ask a leading question about where she’s from. So many guys assume a woman is Chinese, when she’s from a different part of the Asian continent entirely! Simply ask her where she’s from and let her tell you all about her hometown.


Why are you into foreign men?

This is a super strange question to ask someone, but you’d be surprised at how often it’s directed at Asian women. Just because she’s dating you, it doesn’t mean that she’s into foreign men. Maybe, just maybe, she likes you for who you are, and the fact that you’re not Chinese doesn’t really matter to her. Relationships shouldn’t be merely defined by race or background, so focus on what makes you both suited to one another, as opposed to how you’re different.


Why do Asians eat dog meat?

Writing this question was cringy enough. People from the west are aghast at the idea of eating dog meat. Dogs are family pets who are cherished like sons and daughters – they’re certainly not to be eaten. But in some parts of Asia, this is not the case. And whether you agree or disagree with it, just leave it be. The last thing your new partner wants is to get into a debate about the morality of eating meat, regardless of which animal it comes from.


What was your ex like?

This question is wholly unnecessary at the start of any new relationship. You should be focused on building your future together, not looking over your shoulder at your respective pasts. In Asian cultures, it’s not appropriate to discuss your ex partners with anyone, particularly your new boyfriend or girlfriend. While you might come to learn about their ex sometime into the future, don’t get too caught up on this topic in the early days of your relationship.


As you can see, these four questions are totally inappropriate when you’re getting to know your new Asian girlfriend. Steer clear of these topics altogether and focus on getting to know her for who she is, and your relationship will have a much better chance going forward.

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