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Signs that you’re his rebound

Being his rebound is not something any woman would expect to happen. Having another woman around can occasionally help guys recover from heartbreak. You might believe he is deeply in love with you and treating you well but in reality, he is just working through his breakup with his ex, who broke his heart and won’t let go. Our staff has compiled a few indicators that show you’re his rebound.

Three signs that you’re his rebound

Shows less interest in your life

A man will use all reasonable efforts to ask you questions and become as involved in your life as he can when he is truly interested in connecting with you and getting to know you better. However, if he appears confused and rarely asks about your activities or intentions, he may assume that they are unimportant and that he is not actually required to know them because they are temporary. Any man who is serious about you will take the time to get to know you better and better.

Lacks communication

When someone is closed off, it indicates that they don’t view you as a whole person with whom they can discuss sensitive information. It’s a warning sign if you feel the need to question him constantly in order to learn more about him. If a man views you as his partner, he will want you to know everything about him without you having to ask many questions.

It’s all about being intimate to him

Being intimate is one of the things that will show you where he stands when you’re his rebound. He won’t be there if you need him; he only appears when he needs something from you. Most of the time, he is completely available for intimacy since he is getting what he wants.

These are just a few indications that he views you as his rebound and doesn’t anticipate a bright future together. By all means, make an effort to pay attention to these so that you can view your connection from a new angle and choose how it should function.

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