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Signs he doesn’t value you

Every woman wants to know that her partner values and loves her. Everything else he does when he doesn’t value you comes out as forced, and you can never tell that he cares enough to do anything for you. In order to help you recognize when he isn’t truly interested in being with you, our staff has compiled some indicators that show he doesn’t value you.

Three signs he doesn’t value you

He’s disrespectful

If both of you have a strong knowledge of one another and occasionally engage in light-hearted and merry behaviour, your relationship is highly healthy. One of the clearest symptoms that he doesn’t value you is when he disrespects you no matter what you have to say, even when you’re trying to be serious.

You’re no longer a priority

He doesn’t value or respect you enough if he frequently breaks promises he’s made to you or acts as though you’re not his first concern. If your partner is constantly preoccupied with other tasks and makes no effort to spend time with you or even speak to you, then you are not his top priority or even one of the top ones.

He no longer supports you

Your partner does not regard your visions, aspirations, or career if he constantly looks to you for assistance but never reciprocates. And that is among the clearest indications that he doesn’t value you. Your relationship may have reached its saturation point if you feel like you are continuously giving but receiving little in return.

These are some of the tell-tale signs he doesn’t value you and that the relationship might no longer be the same. In a relationship, everyone desires to be loved, appreciated and respected. It should be obvious because being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t value you hurts the most.


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