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Online Dating Profile

Online Dating Profile – Writing the Perfect Description

When it comes to Asian online dating, your profile is super important when it comes to making a positive first impression. You need to ensure you carefully select the photos that you upload, as they will be the first thing that draws potential suitors to your profile. However, it’s just as important that you get your description right, as women will consider responding based upon how you’ve introduced yourself. Here are four tips to help you write the perfect description on your online dating profile.


Make it light-hearted

Remember, you’re not applying for a job or writing a resume! While you want to come across as someone to be taken seriously, you don’t want to appear as someone who takes life too seriously. As such, you need to make sure the tone of your profile is fairly light-hearted. You should write casually about yourself and maybe even include a couple of quips about online dating in general. Your profile will look a whole lot more appealing if a potential match considers you to be someone who is light-hearted and friendly.


Avoid slang and bad language

There’s no place for slang and bad language on your online dating profile. Make sure you use regular English that’s easy to understand and relate to. If your profile is littered with slang and expletives, you’re not painting yourself in a very good light and may even cause offence. You should also bear in mind that some dating sites prohibit the use of bad language, so make sure you’re not breaking the rules when writing your description.


Talk about your values

When writing a description of yourself, it’s so important that you talk about your values. Too often, people stick only to their passions and interests, without mentioning their values and what makes them who they are. While your interests and hobbies don’t have to align with your partner, your values do. Including them in your description will ensure that you have a good chance of being matched to someone that shares your outlook on life.


Make sure it’s the truth

Lying on your online dating profile is a big no-no. Lying for the sake of it might seem like an easy way to impress people, and while it may even encourage people to respond to you online when you meet up or try and take things to the next level, things will unravel quickly. It’s so important that any relationship you develop is built on the truth, so don’t weave lies into your description to try and impress people. It won’t work out in the long run.


Writing a compelling description on your online dating profile is so important if you hope to meet people with shared values and interests. These four tips will help you appeal to your potential matches and will give you the best chance of impressing women while dating online.

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