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Your First Asian Date – How to line up the first date

Thailand is an incredible country and the perfect location to meet your first Asian date. Surrounded by golden white beaches, rich with historic temples and exotic wildlife, it is a country of great opportunity. Thai people are heart-warmingly good-natured, sociable, and friendly. It should come as no surprise that many men visit Thailand and end up dating Asian girls. So, if you’re hoping to line up your first Asian date, here are four pieces of sage advice to set you on the right path.


Start with dating sites before packing your bags

Given the allure of Thailand, you’d be forgiven for packing your bags and heading to Bangkok in search of a date. But don’t be too hasty. If you head straight for the bars of Koh San Road, you could end up in the arms of a working lady. Many of the hostesses in bars in Bangkok are paid to encourage you to spend money in their establishments, so they often attempt to flatter exotic strangers! There are many Asian dating sites that you can sign up to before you head out to Thailand, where you could bag yourself an Asian date and make arrangements in advance.


Expect the company of a chaperone

This concept is totally alien to most western guys, so be prepared for it in advance. In Thai culture, it’s perfectly normal for a Thai woman to bring a chaperone, or close friend, along on the first date with them. Historically, the main reason behind this is that a woman shouldn’t be seen alone with a man if she isn’t intending to marry him. There is also the added comfort of having a friend in a socially difficult interaction, so just be prepared for this and accept it as part of Thai culture though of course there are many myths when dating an Asian girl.


Don’t overpromise and underdeliver

If you’re chatting to an Asian date online, or have struck up a conversation face-to-face, don’t make promises about the future you don’t intend to keep. If you have no intention to visit her parents in their rural village, then don’t say you will. Because there is an awkward tradition of younger Thai women running away with wealthy, older westerners, some try and play into that stereotype to secure a date. It’s better for both parties if you’re totally honest about your intentions from the start and don’t commit to something you know to be false.


Be sensitive to the language barrier

While we might think everyone in the world can speak English as well as us, this isn’t the case. If you’re planning to date an Asian woman, be prepared to speak slowly. Even if you’ve been chatting online a lot in advance, remember that she needs to get used to your accent and the way you’re saying certain things. There are likely to be some miscommunications along the way, and things will undoubtedly get lost in translation, but that’s okay. Remember to be patient and don’t forget that your date is speaking in her second language.

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