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Tips for Dating Asian Girls

There’s no getting away from it, Asian women are beautiful, and they attract suitors from all over the world. Because Asian culture is so diverse, it can be quite tricky to understand Asian women from the word go. Bearing this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of tips for dating Asian girls before your first date.

Respect her privacy

Many Asian women tend to be shy around new people. You should respect her privacy and don’t go searching for answers to life’s most in-depth questions on the first date. Keep things polite and move slowly; there will be lots of time to get to know each other.

Don’t guess which country she’s from

Just because your date looks a certain way, don’t guess where she might come from. Don’t assume you know, either. If you would like to know and she hasn’t shared this information with you, simply ask the question, and await her reply.

Ask about her family

Traditionally, Asian women place massive importance on the family structures in their lives. You can show you care by asking open questions about your date’s family but remember not to be too intrusive. There’s a fine line between being interested and being nosy!

Agree to a selfie with your Asian Date

It’s no secret that Asian women love using social media. Social media is more widely used in Asia than in any other continent, so be prepared to be asked for a selfie that your date might upload to her social media. Agree to the request and treat it as a compliment!

Try not to pay attention to stereotypes about her character

Try and forget many of the things you’ve heard about the character of Asian women before your first date. It’s often thought that Asian women are submissive, amongst other things, but it’s not helpful to go into your first date with this kind of thinking. Give yourself a chance to get to know your date for who she is, not who you think she might be.

Don’t be a know-it-all

Frankly, this is not specific to dating an Asian woman. No woman likes a know-it-all. But when dating someone from a country different from your own, there’s nothing worse than trying to educate them about their own culture from facts you’ve researched from the Internet. This isn’t cool; avoid being a know-it-all.

Be romantic

Asian women appreciate the small things in a relationship, and you’d be surprised at how touched your date might be by a little hand-written card or a meaningful comment. Make sure you listen to what she says and try and spoil her on future dates.


Dating an Asian woman is much like dating any woman: be kind, thoughtful, and respectful. Try not to assume you know about her culture and avoid stereotypical assumptions, as these can irreparably damage a relationship before it takes off. Above all else, enjoy your first date and make sure there’s a second! We hope you enjoyed our tips for dating Asian girls.

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