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Dating a Thai Girl – 5 Things to Avoid

Dating a Thai girl can be incredibly rewarding. Thai’s are extremely friendly, good-natured, and make excellent partners. But if you’re a western guy hoping to secure a date with a Thai woman, you need to get the basics right. You also need to understand her culture, and be prepared to take things slowly. To help you get your relationship off on the right footing, here are five things you must avoid when you’re dating a Thai girl.


Pressurise her for sex

Despite what people might tell you, it’s incredibly rare for a Thai woman to have sex with anyone during or after the first date. Doing so would betray her culture and upbringing, so don’t expect things to become physical after one night out together. In fact, you will probably find that your Thai girlfriend will want to get to know you for a decent amount of time, before agreeing to anything physical. Make sure you respect her boundaries and don’t pressurise her.


Isolate her from her parents

If you isolate your Thai girlfriend from her parents, she will choose them over you. While you might be uncomfortable with how close she is to her parents, you need to get used to it. Family plays a crucial role in Thai culture, so accepting and respecting this fact will help you develop a trusting and meaningful relationship. Whatever you do, don’t ask her to choose between you and her family – she will always choose the latter.


Talk about money

There’s no need to bring money into things when you’re dating a Thai girl. It certainly won’t impress her, and it will just make her feel uncomfortable. Also, talking about money can give her the wrong idea entirely, so it’s best just to avoid bringing it up in the first place. While on the topic of money, it’s customary to pay for your Thai girlfriend’s meal and drinks when you invite her out, so be sure to put your hand in your pocket!  


Forget the importance of hygiene

If you turn up for your date looking scruffy or smelling anything but clean, this will be a major turnoff for your Thai girlfriend. Don’t forget that Thailand is roasting hot, and if you’re dating in Bangkok, for instance, you’re likely to sweat a lot more than you would back home. Before meeting up with your Thai girlfriend, be sure to take a shower and freshen yourself up, as hygiene is super important to them.


Complain about Thailand and its culture

Thai’s tend to be extremely patriotic and love their King. They’re also fiercely proud of their culture and happy to be Thai. As such, if you’re constantly complaining about Thailand – be it the weather, politics, food, or anything else – you will undoubtedly offend your Thai girlfriend. We mention this because you’d be surprised at how often guys try and depreciate Thai culture as a way of impressing their girlfriends. It doesn’t work!


If you’re lucky enough to start dating a Thai woman, make sure you treat her with the respect and dignity that she deserves. And avoid these five common mistakes to ensure you have a chance at building a relationship that will last.

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