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Vietnamese Culture

Vietnamese Culture – Win a Vietnamese Girl’s Heart

Vietnamese Culture is fiercely loyal and extremely loving, Vietnamese women go the extra mile for their families and make awesome partners. But how do you go about winning a Vietnamese girl’s heart?

Granted, it’s not easy. But the following five tips will help you as you look to start something special with your dream girl from Vietnam.

Learn Vietnamese

Even if your Vietnamese girlfriend speaks impeccable English, learning her language shows that you value her culture and are making a genuine effort to communicate.

Of course, she won’t expect you to be fluent right away, but perfecting some common phrases and greetings will signify your intent and show her that you’re taking the relationship seriously.

Show an interest in her culture

Vietnamese people are proud of their heritage and culture, so taking an interest in what makes your girlfriend unique will help you win her heart.

Small gestures, like waiting for older people to eat before you tuck in at mealtimes, is a subtle way of indicating that you respect the unique aspects of her culture and are willing to adopt them in your everyday life.

Be chivalrous

Dating in Vietnamese culture is old school in many respects. Women are attracted to men who are chivalrous, and it’s often the small things that go a long way.

For instance, buying her flowers before your first date, opening the car door for her, and pulling out a chair for her to sit on at dinner, will all impress your Vietnamese girlfriend. While these small acts are losing their importance in some western cultures, they’re still valued in Vietnam.

Pick up the bill

Following on from the previous point, if you’re taking a Vietnamese girl out for a meal, don’t expect her to pay the bill. This isn’t because she’s cheap; it’s just because men are traditionally expected to pay for any expenses incurred on a date.

In Vietnamese culture, paying the bill after a date is a way for a man to show that he’s willing and capable of looking after a woman, which is an important aspect of courtship.

Don’t rush into things

Expect things to move fairly slowly in the early days of your relationship with a Vietnamese girl. She will spend the first few dates getting to know you and will decide whether you’re a good fit before taking things to the next level.

If you push a Vietnamese woman into things before she’s ready (like sex, for instance), don’t expect the relationship to last very long. You need to be willing to take things slowly in the early days and allow the relationship to develop naturally.

The above tips are largely based on common sense and will serve you extremely well in the early days of your relationship with a Vietnamese girl. Remember, be a gentleman and don’t rush into things, and you should be on your way to something special.

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