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Successful first date

Four Things You Need to Do After a Successful First Date

 After your successful first date, it’s important not to fall into the trap of becoming complacent. After all, you’re only at the very start of your new relationship and there’s still a lot of work to be done! To keep the momentum going after your first date, here are four things you need to do to secure that all important second date with your latest love interest.

Get a second date in the diary

 If you’re delighted with how the first date went, don’t waste time when it comes to arranging your second outing. If you do, you will lose momentum and your date might look elsewhere for someone to go out with. Drop her a message the day after your first date and suggest the time and place of your nest meeting. Consider something slightly different that you will both enjoy and don’t leave it too long before hooking up for a second time. Keeping things going while there’s still good energy between you both is really important at the start of your relationship.

Don’t bother with mind games

 Some people like to play mind games after the first date to see just how interested the other person is. For instance, you might shorten your responses or delay texting back to give off the impression that you’re not overly bothered about the next steps, even if you can’t control your excitement! But no matter what you might think, mind games aren’t a good idea. Just tell her how you feel and show her that you’re excited for a second date. It will make your life so much easier when you make plans for the future.

Give her time to respond

 If you don’t hear back from your date right away about your suggestion for a second date, don’t bombard her with messages. She could be genuinely busy and hasn’t had the chance to respond to your message properly, so don’t jump in and get the wrong idea. Instead, give her time to respond to your message and be patient while she considers your suggestion. You don’t want to give off the impression that you’re desperate!

Compliment her and thank her for the date

 The fact that you had a successful first date is something that you should celebrate. Instead of keeping your thoughts to yourself, send your date a message and tell her how much you enjoyed her company and explain that you can’t wait for another chance to take her out. It’s amazing how impactful a complimentary message can be, as it will show her that you appreciated your time together.

We really hope that you had a successful first date  and it went according to plan and that you’re now ready to take your relationship to the next level. These four steps should help you secure a second date and will give you the best possible chance of relationship success.

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