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Korean Girls – What You Should Know Before Dating

If you have a date lined up with an Asian girl from Korea, congratulations! Korean girls are beautiful, cultured, and attractive, and it could be the start of one of the most special relationships of your life. That being said, there are some things you should consider before going on your first date to make sure things move along smoothly, and your relationship sets off on the right foot.


Don’t make jokes about the North 

While Korean girls love a man with a great sense of humour, you should understand where to draw the line. If your date is from South Korea, which is likely, don’t make jokes about the North. While it can be tempting to satirise the buffoon-like Kim Jong Un, don’t be tempted to break the ice with a joke about the North Korean dictator. For Koreans, the division of their homeland is a fragile topic, and the atrocities committed in the North are painful for all Koreans to consider. While a conversation about the North may come up naturally during your date, don’t be tempted to make jokes about the country, it’s insensitive.


Familiarise yourself with Korean dishes 

Korean culture is heavily influenced by its cuisine, and your Asian date is likely to be very proud of her nation’s food. At some stage, you will be encouraged to try kimchi and other famous Korean dishes, which is excellent news as Korean food is delicious! Even if you don’t particularly fancy something your date offers you, it would be rude if you turned it down in Korean culture. Trying different types of Korean cuisine is a great way to show your date that you respect her, and you’re willing to embrace her culture.


Try and learn some basic Korean 

While your date won’t expect you to be fluent on the first date, learning a couple of greetings in Korean is an excellent way to show that you care about her and are willing to learn more about her culture and language. Learning a second language is actually a great life skill, and you should use the experience of dating a Korean girl as an opportunity to develop your own language skills. Your date will indeed thank you for trying, and it will set a great example from the beginning of your relationship.


Understand the significant role her parents play in her life 

In many Asian cultures, family structures are vital. This is especially true in Korea, where much emphasis is placed on the relationship between parent and child. Korean girls are expected to please their parents and live a life conducive to Korean values. This means that throughout your dates, you’re likely to hear your girlfriend mention her parents a lot and speak about their expectations. It’s vital that you understand the significance of her parents and don’t try and undermine them. You should respect the relationship she has with her parents and try and compliment it, not replace it. If you upset her parents, there is very little chance of you succeeding in your relationship, so bear this in mind when you begin dating.

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