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Visit India with Your Asian Girlfriend

If you’re dating an Asian girlfriend and she asks you to visit India to meet her family, it’s likely that she sees her future with you. In Asian culture, girls don’t just introduce anyone to their parents, so you should see it as a sign that things are going really well. If your girlfriend suggests a trip to visit India to meet her family, you should jump at the chance! Here are five reasons why a trip to India to meet her family will be an incredible experience.


You’ll be blown away by the hospitality

The first thing you notice when you’re a guest in India is just how incredible the hospitality of Asian people is. Even if they’ve never met you, they will welcome you into their homes as if you’re already a member of the family and will treat you with the utmost respect. Asian people have the most wonderful way with guests, so be prepared for a truly memorable experience.


You will realise how much her family means to her

Family is everything in Asian culture. When you see how your girlfriend interacts with her family you will be inspired. Her relationship with her siblings, cousins, aunties and uncles will give you a sign of things to come if you are to have a family together in the future. Asian women care a great deal about what their family think, so you should bear this in mind when trying to make a good first impression.


You will be amazed at how great the food is

Even if you’re accustomed to Indian food in your own country, if you’ve never tried traditional cuisine in India, you’re in for a treat. In some respects, the food you sample in India will be significantly different to what you think Indian food will taste like. Also, Indian food varies greatly from region to region, and each state has its own signature dishes and cooking styles. Wherever you are you will enjoy freshly prepared food created with a plethora of spices, and you will be amazed at how wonderful it tastes.


You will see a country like no other

 It’s amiss to call India a country, really. It’s more of a sub-continent and is home to more than 1 billion people. It’s a melting pot of languages, traditions, and religions, and it makes for a society that is rich in colour and cultural diversity. Exploring India with your girlfriend will be a memorable experience, as she will be able to guide you through some of the unique aspects of the culture and provide you with an insight into one of the most fascinating countries on earth.


You will learn more about your girlfriend

Arguably the most important point on this list, travelling to India to meet her family and experience her culture will allow you to learn a great deal about your girlfriend. By meeting her family and interacting with her culture, you will learn a great deal about her personality and better understand her world view. A trip to India to meet her family will be a significant milestone in your relationship, and will help you understand where you see your future together.

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