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South Korean Dating

South Korean Dating – Common Perceptions

Below, you will find some common perceptions of South Korean dating. If you’re a foreign guy that has started dating a beautiful South Korean woman, congratulations! Korea is one of the most culturally interesting and advanced societies on the planet, and you’re in for an exciting relationship. But at the start of your relationship, you will have to be prepared for some perceptions aimed at you from within Korean culture itself, which might make you uncomfortable if you’re not prepared for them.


Foreign men are often seen as playboys

Some Koreans will be sceptical about your intentions. Young white men who date Korean women are often seen as playboys and womanisers who aren’t overly serious with their intentions. Even if this couldn’t be further from the truth, it’s something that you will have to get used to at first, and you shouldn’t take it to heart.


Men are expected to foot the bill

When you’re dating a Korean girl, you will be expected to foot the bill. While splitting the bill might be common in some western countries, it’s extremely unusual to do so in Korea. If you were to suggest it during your early dates, your Korean girlfriend is likely to take offence, and won’t necessarily understand where you’re coming from!


She will expect you to be intelligent

Three out of four Korean women have a university education. Your Korean date will expect you to be well educated and considered in your actions, just as she is. A lack of education in Korean society is something to be ashamed of, so you will need to be on your toes when holding conversations. While she won’t expect you to quote classic Korean literature on your first date, she will expect you to hold considered and intelligent opinions about her culture and the world at large.


Social media plays a huge role in dating

In South Korea, social media is immensely popular and has permeated through all walks of life. While you might not feel overly comfortable with your life being broadcast on social media, expect your Korean girlfriend to post real-time updates of your dates to her thousands of followers. Korean women like to be connected on their social media apps constantly, so don’t take it as an affront if she loads up Facebook while you’re enjoying a romantic meal together.


Dating in South Korea can be casual

While dating in some Asian countries tends to be a fairly serious commitment, South Korean culture is such that casual dating is widely accepted. So, don’t be surprised if you meet a Korean girl that’s just looking for some fun and isn’t necessarily interested in settling down. Just like dating in the UK and US, Koreans are happy to date casually until they meet the right person to settle down with long into the future.


Dating a South Korean woman is likely to be an incredibly rewarding experience. And understanding some of these cultural perceptions in advance will help prepare you for your dates and ensure your relationship gets off on the right footing.

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