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Signs you’re a second choice

Every woman wants to be the center of attention, to feel like his go-to girl, and to feel like she’s always intriguing and worth his time. When the honeymoon period of the relationship ends, you could start to feel like a second choice. Our staff has gathered a few suggestions that make it clear that you’re his second choice, particularly for females.

Four signs you’re a second choice

He doesn’t txt back

He might be the one who initiates communication, but he texts back far too slowly. You become a second choice when you realize that you might go for hours without speaking and he doesn’t call or even make an effort to come up with a legitimate excuse for not responding to texts promptly. A man will give you attention and spend a lot of time with you, but if he begins to distance himself, he is likely taking his time and getting to know someone else.

He never follows through on his plans

During some of your chats, you might make plans for the weekend so you can spend more time with him. Nevertheless, when it comes to carrying out his promises, he either doesn’t show up or has something more essential to do, in which case he cancels without even informing you.

He doesn’t share much

He may not have even begun dating when you first noticed that he hardly ever discusses his personal life. He avoids going too deeply into his personal life and keeps his responses brief. It’s most likely because you are his second choice and he is also thinking about someone else.

These three signs you’re his second choice will help you to get out of the relationship while you still can if you were already dating and if not, they will help you make a wise decision regarding that potential partner. Don’t settle for less, there’s plenty of places you can meet other singles and hit it off instantly.

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