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signs he's pretending

Signs he’s pretending

There’s a lot that you can see when he’s pretending and looking for ways to leave. Sometimes what you give might not be enough for him or he just won’t be ready to commit fully to you. Our team has gathered a few tips that can help you identify some of the signs he’s pretending.

Four signs he’s pretending

His actions are disappointing

He is definitely acting pretend if he is constantly disappointing you and only managing to get one thing wrong. A man who is in love with you and wants to be with you will take care that nothing he does makes you feel unworthy of love or unsatisfactory. If someone keeps making the same mistake, it’s clear that they aren’t considering how much they are hurting you or trying to put things right. This is different from someone who realizes that their actions have affected you and wants to set things right.

He doesn’t express his true feelings

One of the best ways to tell whether a guy is pretending or not is to look at whether he lets you in on his personal experiences and thoughts. A man who’s happy being with you will make sure that he expresses his true feelings and you don’t have to decide guess where you stand with him.

You question your feelings for him

Never ignore the voice inside you telling you that it’s almost over and you need to move on. If you start feeling like your feelings don’t make sense anymore then it’s time to make that difficult decision you’re dreading. It may be heartbreaking but it saves you a lot of humiliation.

Honesty is scarce

No matter how hard the truth is to hear, a man who loves you will make sure that he’s honest at all times and true to his word. You don’t have to ask him but it comes naturally to him to just be open to you so that your relationship works.

These four signs he’s pretending will help you to identify how your relationship is going and what you need to do in order to be happy. Love is beautiful and to try a new approach online dating can be the best place to begin

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