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Celebrating Chinese New Year holiday

The Chinese festival, which marks the beginning of the new year, begins in a few days. This is also the perfect method to get to know your Chinese partner better while also enjoying the holiday if you have one. Here are a few ideas of celebrating the Chinese New Year as a couple.

Three ways of celebrating Chinese New Year holiday as a couple

Attend the dragon dances

The year of the rabbit, which corresponds to the Chinese New Year of 2023, is one of optimism, love, and good fortune. You can ring in the new year as a couple by watching the dragon dances that will be performed then. It’s an opportunity to take pleasure in and learn more about the Chinese New Year customs that you might apply to your relationship to enhance it.

Exchanging gifts

Red envelopes are given and received as gifts during the Chinese New Year. As a couple, you can go all out and get your partner the nicest present you believe they’ll adore or have always wanted. Don’t pass up the chance to strengthen your bond with your partner by showing them how much you care and how much you love them by getting them a present.

Plan a weekend away

Countries host exhibitions and carnivals to celebrate the Chinese New Year, including Vietnam, Malaysia, and New York, to name a few. When you arrange that weekend getaway, this might be one or more of your destinations. Locate the ideal location for your Chinese New Year celebration and join in the fun there.

These are some of the few ways of celebrating Chinese New Year as a couple that can also help you to stay connected and close to your partner. It’s also a chance to learn a thing or two about the lunar new year traditions.


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