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Asian Partner – Four Things Not to Ask

If you’ve just started dating your Asian partner, the chances are you’re having lots of long conversations in an attempt to try and get to know as much as you can about each other’s lives. When you’re getting to know your new partner, there are some topics that you should simply avoid, as you don’t want to make things awkward at the start of your relationship. Here are four things you definitely should not ask your Asian partner when you’re getting to know her.


What was your last boyfriend like? 

It’s hugely disrespectful to ask your new Asian girlfriend what her last boyfriend was like. This is pretty dangerous territory in most cultures, but it’s a definite no-no in Asia. If you spend too much time worrying about what her ex was like, you won’t be focused on trying to get to know her and showing her why she should fall in love with you. If you bring her ex up at the start of your new relationship, it also shows insecurity on your part, something that’s not a good sign to a woman you’re dating.


Why are you attracted to foreign men? 

This question is overly presumptuous and plays into stereotypes. Just because she’s started dating you, it doesn’t mean that your new Asian partner is into foreign men in general. There may just be something about you as a person that she likes, rather than simply where you’re from. To be honest, it’s also a question that you probably don’t want to hear the answer to, even if she is attracted to foreign men in general. Just focus your efforts on being you and showing her a good time.


Can I meet your family? 

Asian women tend to have extremely good relations with their parents and siblings. As such, they will take their time and wait until they introduce you to the family. You shouldn’t take this as an insult; just appreciate that it’s part of their culture. You shouldn’t become impatient and ask them directly to meet their family. If things go well at the start of your relationship and she thinks you’re the right person for a long-time relationship, she will introduce you to her family in good time.


Why do Asian Women behave like (X)? 

When you’re dating someone from a different culture, it’s natural to try and find out as much as you can about their customs and traditions. However, you should not ask your Asian partner to speak for all Asian women. Just because you might have heard a stereotype about Asian women, it might not be true, and it’s not your partner’s place to discuss it. Paying heed to stereotypes is potentially harmful to your relationship and may even offend your partner, so it’s best to avoid such sweeping questions.


When you’re at the start of an exciting new relationship with your Asian partner, you should avoid certain topics that might cause offense. While it’s important to get to know one another, you should understand where to draw the line.

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