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Asian Dating Truths You Need to Take Seriously

Asian Dating Truths You Need to Take Seriously

Granted, when you’re dating in Asia, you will hear lots of myths that prove extremely unhelpful when you’re looking for love in one of the continent’s favourite cities! But equally, there are also some truths that you need to be aware of if you’re to stand any chance of meeting the woman of your dreams. To serve as a guide, here are five Asian dating truths that will improve your chances of landing a first date.

Respect is so important 

In Asian culture, respect is paramount. An Asian woman won’t be remotely interested in you if you’re arrogant and show a lack of respect for her culture, tradition, and family. So, when you initiate a conversation with an Asian woman, make sure you’re grounded and respectful with everything that you say and do. Showing disrespect is a sure-fire way of ending your relationship before it begins!

Miscommunications will happen 

Unless your Asian girlfriend speaks fluent and flawless English, miscommunications will occur in your relationship. This is something that you can’t avoid, so you just need to accept it. The trick is to be flexible, open, and honest and look at miscommunications as a bump in the road. Providing you can laugh at your misunderstandings; your relationship has every chance at success.

Family matters 

No matter which Asian country your new girlfriend is from, you will find that family is one of the most important things in your girlfriend’s life. She will be influenced by her family’s opinions and decisions, and you need to recognise and respect this. If you fail to appreciate the importance of her family, your relationship won’t work out.

Travel is necessary  

If you’re hoping to develop a relationship with a woman from another continent, then you will almost certainly have to travel to make things work. Equally, you will have to be willing to plan things in advance and ensure you can meet up as regularly as possible to ensure your relationship has the best possible chance of success.

A little language goes a long way 

While your Asian girlfriend won’t necessarily expect you to converse fluently in her language, it’s amazing how impactful a few words in her language will be in helping your relationship succeed. Try learning a new word every day and ask her for guidance and feedback on your language skills. You will find that the more of her language you can speak, the more connected you will feel to her customs and culture.

Hopefully, these five truths will help you prepare for your new relationship with your Asian girlfriend. The bottom line is that you need to be flexible and recognise the fact that things will be a little different to what you’re used to. If you’re willing to adapt, your new relationship has every chance of success.


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